I am finally blogging.

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’ve always wanted to blog but I was afraid I couldn’t keep it active. Yet, I thought of where I can actually thank all the special people in my life and actually say everything I would want to tell them…. So here I am, blogging. I will blog about the things that make me happy, the people I am happy I have met and everything I find interesting. And of course, I also have a goal for this blog, it is to make my readers inspired.

“Before starting this blog” — I’ve always been an aspiring blogger. And yes, I have tried making a blog for so many times already.. My best friends Byanca and Chesca encouraged me the most to make one, thank you. As I start this blog, I hope that you support me.

My next posts will probably be the things I have received for the past few months. It’s going to be a never ending THANK YOU for I appreciate all the gifts you have all been given me. Thank you! Enjoy!


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