We are all a little broken, and that’s how the light gets in.


We are all a little broken, and that’s how the light gets in. We all know that feeling when you can actually feel the pain in your chest from hearing or seeing something that breaks your heart.

Because when the heart breaks, all the crap gets dropped, our lives are shaken up. Our vision of the future which we thought was perfect gets shattered. We are at the bottom again. But I believe, that when the heart breaks, it can be our greatest opportunity to grow. Break ups will take some time to recover from, but over time we learn to turn inside quickly and see what we can gain to be a better human being. After a breakup, let’s ask ourselves, what do we really want from love? Did we change to be a better person while in that relationship, who was I being? Where do I lack? How come I was not enough?“. When we think of these things, we tend to go back and change the past.. “If I had only done ___ we could still be together.” It will be hard to accept but there is nothing you can do to change the past. Stop living in the past and do something about yourself now. The pain of all the memories is also the energy that we can use to build a more powerful human being moving forward. We must focus this energy on growing and becoming the kind of partner we ought to be.

Heartbreak offers so many odd gifts, and one of it is the chance to reconnect with Friends and Family.. And more than anything we get to finally meet ourselves. Make your life as an individual, sparkle! You are so much more than your think!